Love Lists

Lists. They are everywhere this time of year. In addition to the everyday and seemingly inexhaustible To Dos, there are lists of wishes, special ingredients for special meals, resolutions, addresses, and last-minute x, y, and zs. During the dinner prep hour last night, delightful in a kitchen full of family, the conversation turned to Love Lists. A Love List is a place to keep track of the specific moments, feelings, and details of life that bring us little bursts of joy. Feels right up Urban Pharm’s alley.

In this edition of Pharm Notes, we offer you the collective Love List that was generated last night. It is super fun—and unexpectedly intimate—to hear what’s on the Love Lists of other people. It is amazing how happy-making this kind of list-making is. Keeping track, not getting it done, of our own peculiar little loves.

So here it is: 

💥 A well-stocked and organized pantry 

💥 Crisp pickles 

💥 Unlikely friendships

💥 Firm clementines

💥 Watermelon radishes 

💥 Freckle splashes on little kids’ noses 

💥 Eye smile lines

💥 Little kids that like big dogs 

💥 Laughter stitches 

💥 The Oxford comma

💥 Dogs with human names

💥 Anna Karina in Godard films

💥 A really good writing pen

💥 Solidarity with strangers

💥 When you think of what was on the tip of your tongue

💥 Full throttle sneezes

We invite you to start your own Love List if you don’t have one already. We’d love to hear what you come up with (we love to hear from you always). Get in touch via email at or via Instagram @urbanpharmshrub.

Happy Holidays!

Jill & Anne

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