Our understanding of “good for you” is whatever feeds your body, mind, and spirit.

Close to the source ingredients. Unexpected combinations. Gorgeous color. Vibrant flavor. Gathering around the table. Understanding food as medicine and pantry as pharmacy. Human connection as the reason to be. Turning toward the sun when it is out and our people when it is not. Savoring the deliciousness of messing around with beautiful ingredients. Loving family and friends beyond measure. Relishing the seasons—the ranunculus of spring, the dahlia of late summer, the foliage of fall, and the textures & tones of winter. Getting our hands dirty. Reading and learning and listening as much as possible. Drinking whiskey and belly laughing by unkempt fires. Appreciating ingredients and where and how they are grown. Opening the doors and windows. Seeking out the long vista. Getting physical: dancing, drumming, running, stretching. Celebrating backyard chicken eggs and farmers’ market finds.

Here are some of the things in

Urban Pharm’s medicine cabinet:


Delicious and nutritious, apples are loaded with vitamin C and polyphenols, both of which promote immunity and reduce inflammation.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a tried & true health aid. Thanks to acetic acid and loads of friendly bacteria, apple cider vinegar is great for your gut. It also supports digestion, lowers blood sugar, and improves insulin sensitivity. 


Hibiscus contains heaps of vitamin C which boosts immunity and promotes tissue growth and repair. The flavor is fruity and tart with a vibrant and deep purply-pink color.

Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt is the superwoman sister to your regular salt. Jam-packed with over 84 minerals and trace elements Himalayan salt is filled with nutrients. It is also simply gorgeous. Especially in rock form, if you can find it.


Honey is sweet and delicious as well as rich in antioxidants. Although the body processes honey as it does cane sugar (raising blood sugar levels), the composition of honey actually improves blood sugar regulation. 


Sweet, joyful, and cooling, mint adds zest and brightness to anything it touches. A good source of vitamin A (important for vision and immune health) and antioxidants (which protect cells against free radicals that can cause damage and lead to disease). 


Beautiful and delicate, rose petals contain antioxidants that reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cognitive decline.


The taste of rosemary is woodsy, piney, and consistent (whether fresh, stewed, steeped, or cooked, rosemary’s flavor holds true). Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, rosemary wards off cancer, high blood pressure, and brain fog.

Sweet Basil

Sweet basil is a mainstream herb for a reason: it is delicious, versatile, healthy, and happy-making. Sweet basil is loaded with antioxidants which can decrease the risk of cancer & heart disease, reduce stress, and improve mental health.


Thirst-quenching, beautiful, juicy, and packed with nutrients, watermelon is fun and bright as well as anti-inflammatory, cancer-fighting, and heart-healthy. 

Wild blueberry

Have you ever seen a wild blueberry? They are truly adorable. Smaller than a regular blueberry, loaded with antioxidants, fiber, and manganese, wild blueberries give a one-two punch of flavor and nutritional sparkle. New England-grown superstars.