A walk around a river with a friend, each of us answering a question I love to ask—what's lighting you up? A nine-month group inquiry into creativity and a return to writing about art after a stint focused on personal essays for my friend. A continued obsession with West African drumming for me. In response to the question—what are you learning?—we both said something about tuning into resonance and how enlivening it is to connect in that deep hum kind of way—to ourselves, others, music, art, nature, novels. Really anything. It's like finding the living-ness of things and forging a connection to and through them.

As a side note—though I think adding to one’s Love List should be a front and center life activity not a side note—the walk and talk is definitely on my Love List. I'm adding it right now. Also, glimpses of other people's really great socks, which feel like a generous gift to the world. Double deliciousness when the two happen simultaneously.

Jenny Odell has a new book called "Saving Time" which I haven't read but did read about. In a New York Times piece about the book, Odell observes, "Your body has that kind of time… you are in that. You are not just in a calendar box…Time feels thicker… it's made out of people and things that are in it." Thicker time is resonant time, maybe? 

"Dance church" is how a recent radio piece described DJ-led evenings into early mornings at the 1970s Chicago club The Warehouse, considered the starting point of house music. Dance church is the occupation of space with a sense of resonance with the other bodies in it, maybe?

With our focus at Urban Pharm on the everyday, on your own definition of "good for you," on small moments of happy-making and deliciousness we hope to invite enlivening resonance into your life in some small and meaningful way. As I often say at farmers' markets, and really do mean it, thank you so much for trying. You in resonance brings the rest of us alive, too.

❤️ Jill

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