Anne's Idea of "Good for You"

At Urban Pharm, we want to turn the current idea of wellness (restriction, boundaries, limitations) on its head. Wellness can have these elements, though we think more in terms of feeling good. There is not a one-size-fits-all wellness program. It is about living life in a way that feels good to YOU. At its core, wellness is an individualized experience. We all get pleasure and happiness in different ways. 

Doing what makes your body feel good—and consequently less anxious, wound up, frustrated, limited—is the starting point. Do you love binge-watching TV series? Go for it. Or walking, running, yoga-ing? Get out there. Napping? Yes, please. 

Jill and I started Urban Pharm around the core idea of “Good for You.” To give you an idea of where we’re coming from, here are some “Good for You” things that fill my tank:

📚 The library: I love the library will all my heart and am constantly picking up and dropping off books. In the last ten years, I have checked out 1800 books through our library network. 

🧺 Putzing: Unstructured time around our house is a must. Chores, reading, list-making, sauna-bagging—all happy-making for me.

🍳 Food and cooking: I love shopping for food, cooking food, reading about food, eating food, and sometimes growing food (though I have a brown thumb).

️    Family and friends: I love my family and friends and want to be with them, talk with them, and love them every single day.

When my balance is off, my aura is jagged and sharp. I am like a car engine that is revving too much. I recalibrate with some of these “Good for You” things---and an Urban Pharm cocktail helps too. 🥃

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