Divine Shrubrine

This basic brine can be used for any kind of chicken, really in any application. The point of brining chicken – with buttermilk, vinegar, pickle juice, shrub – is to both tenderize and inject extra flavor. We did a combination of buttermilk and shrub for our experiment, but you could go all shrub or all buttermilk if you felt like it.


🐓 2 cups buttermilk

🐓 1 cup Apple, Rosemary and Flowers Shrub

🐓 3 ish lbs bone in chicken, 2 ish lbs boneless chicken

🐓 1 tbsp Salt

🐓 Black Pepper

🐓 3-4 cloves garlic and/or ½ yellow onion and/or 1 shallot–any and all chopped, sliced etc.


🐓 Put all ingredients into a bowl or ziplock bag.  

🐓 Stir, massage, shake everything together making sure chicken is covered generously in shrubrine.  

🐓 Refrigerate for 1 hr and up to 24 hrs.

🐓 Proceed with whatever chicken recipe you’ve got on your mind, knowing your foundational ingredient is already upleveled and sure to be delicious.

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