Herby Vinegary Toasty Goodness

This is delicious on its own or topped with something. Fried or poached or sliced hard-boiled egg with a dusting of smoked paprika or chili pepper (such as Urfa Biber or Aleppo pepper). Sliced avocado and lemon zest. Fresh ricotta and grilled tomatoes. 


💞 ¼-½ cup assorted herbs (such as parsley, dill, mint, chives), finely chopped

💞 2 tablespoons Urban Pharm Shrub (Watermelon Mint might go particularly well here but really dealer’s choice)

💞 Flaky sea salt and pepper to taste

💞 ¼ cup olive oil

💞 2 THICK (¾ inch) slices crusty sourdough bread

💞 1 garlic clove


-Mix herbs and shrub and salt and pepper to taste and set aside.

-Pour olive oil into skillet over medium heat until oil slides easily all over the pan.

-Place both pieces of bread into skillet and cook until toasty, maybe 30-45 seconds. Flip over and repeat.

-Use tongs to transfer toasty bread to a cutting board and rub while still warm with garlic clove. 

-Poke holes all over Fried toast and spoon Herby Vinegary Goodness over toast. Drizzle a bit of your tastiest olive oil. Let sit for a few minutes and then dig in.

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