Winter Sunshine Cocktail


🥃 1 ounce bourbon 

🥃 1 ounce Urban Pharm Pear, Turmeric, and Ginger Shrub

🥃 1 ounce pear juice

🥃 Fresh pear

🥃 Ginger sugar (½ cup of whatever sugar you have on hand mixed up with ½ tsp powdered ginger)


🥃 Fill a ball jar (or if you are fancy, a cocktail shaker) with ice

🥃 Add bourbon, juices, and shrub

🥃 Shake until chilled

🥃 Rim a glass with ginger sugar (if you feel like it) and put in a big or several small ice cubes

🥃 Fill with Winter Sunshine 

🥃 Garnish with a slice of pear

Note: This also makes a delicious mocktail, just swap out the bourbon for sparkling water

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