Winter Wonder Beverage Bombs

🧊 1 part Urban Pharm Cranberry, Orange, and Ginger Shrub
🧊 1 part orange/ blood orange juice

🧊 Fill an ice cube tray with equal parts Urban Pharm Shrub and orange juice
🧊 Freeze (we love a big ice cube the silicone ones are easy to get things out of 🙂)
🧊 Pop out a cube, put it in a mug you can wrap your hands around (if you are adding something hot) or a festive glass (if you are adding something cold)
🧊 Cover with hot or cold liquid of choice, add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice for extra vitamin C, and enjoy!

🧊 The live cultures in raw apple cider vinegar can’t handle heat above 120 degrees, so just know that.
🧊 The bomb+sparkling water is a gift that keeps on giving–especially if you use a big cube. Pour to cover, drink that, and pour to cover again and so on and so on as the cube will dissolve and flavor for round after round.
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