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Limited Edition: Strawberry, Meyer Lemon, and Mint Shrub

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Our Strawberry, Meyer Lemon, and Mint shrub is a joy-filled nod to spring's berry bounty. Succulent and bright, strawberries pair beautifully with the sunny zing of Meyer lemons and the cool wink of mint. Packed with vitamin C, the combination has a summer-is-around-the-corner vibe that feels like a smile in a glass. 

Full Description

Our Strawberry, Meyer Lemon, and Mint shrub is a joy-filled nod to spring's berry bounty. Succulent and bright, strawberries pair beautifully with the sunny zing of Meyer lemons and the cool wink of mint. Packed with vitamin C, the combination has a summer-is-around-the-corner vibe that feels like a smile in a glass.

Urban Pharm Shrubs are versatile and fun-loving. They can be used as a beverage enhancer—think teas, cocktails, mocktails— and anywhere a vinegar might go. Straight up they are a kinder, gentler take on the apple cider vinegar shot. Play around to your liking.

Each little bottle has about 7 servings and each big bottle has about 12 servings, depending on how vinegar-forward you want to be.

We have adorable gift boxes for each size. Note that boxes are sent unassembled (so not recommended if you're sending directly to a gift recipient). You can add to your order at check out!

What’s in there and why it is “good for you”

Raw apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is a tried & true health aid. Thanks to acetic acid and loads of friendly bacteria, apple cider vinegar supports digestion, lowers blood sugar, and improves insulin sensitivity.

Raw honey: Honey is sweet and delicious, as well as rich in antioxidants. Although the body processes honey as it does cane sugar (raising blood sugar levels), the composition of honey actually improves blood sugar regulation.

Strawberries: Bursting with vitamin C and antioxidants, strawberries are sweet and delicious while supporting immunity and skin health. They are also high in fiber and have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

Meyer Lemon: Meyer lemons provide a vitamin C boost for immune health and collagen production, supporting skin vitality. Their unique flavor adds zest with a refreshing burst of citrus goodness.

Mint: Sweet, joyful, and cool, mint adds zest and brightness to anything it touches. It also brings vitamin A (important for vision and immune health) and antioxidants (which protect cells against free radicals that can cause damage and lead to disease) everywhere it goes.

Check out our list of partners & sources on our About Us page.


Spring Smile


🍓 1 part Strawberry, Meyer Lemon, and Mint shrub
🍓 3-4 parts sparkling water
🍓 Fresh strawberries, sliced
🍓 Fresh mint leaves
🍓 Ice cubes


🍓 Fill a glass with ice cubes.
🍓 Add sliced fresh strawberries to the glass.
🍓 Pour one part of the Strawberry, Meyer Lemon, and Mint shrub over the strawberries.
🍓 Top off with two parts of sparkling water.
🍓 Stir gently to combine.
🍓 Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint leaves.
🍓 Serve immediately and enjoy!

Product FAQs

What is the shelf life?

The shelf life of Urban Pharm Shrub is 12 months, though in fact it is good for longer. After 12 months, the flavors might change and the colors will not be as vibrant.

How long will it last once open?

Urban Pharm shrubs are very stable thanks to that delicious apple cider vinegar. Before opening, they can live in your pantry for at least a year. We recommend refrigerating after opening and enjoying within a year for maximum flavor and color.

Does shrub need to be refrigerated?

Urban Pharm shrubs are shelf stable, which means they do not have to be refrigerated. We do recommend that they go in the fridge after opening to better preserve taste and color.

Does shrub contain alcohol?

No, Urban Pharm Shrub does not contain alcohol.

Does shrub contain sugar?

Yes, Urban Pharm Shrub does contain sugar in the form of raw organic honey. Honey is more nutritious and flavorful than cane sugar, as well as less processed. Our shrubs also contain fructose from the fruit.

Does shrub contain caffeine?

No, the ingredients in Urban Pharm shrubs are naturally caffeine-free.

What is the difference between shrub and kombucha?

Urban Pharm Shrub is a drinking vinegar. It is made by combining vinegar and honey with fruits and botanicals. The combination ferments for several days to a week. Shrubs are both tart and sweet. Kombucha is fermented tea. It is made by combining a black or green tea with cane sugar and a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). The combination ferments for seven to 10 days. Kombucha is a fizzy caffeinated (and slightly alcoholic) beverage that can be flavored fruits and herbs for flavor.

What are the health benefits of apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is a tried-&-true health aid. For thousands of years, it has been used in both the kitchen and the medicine cabinet. Benefits include:

● Digestion improvement (the acidity of the vinegar restores stomach acidity and helps with enzyme release, both of which promote healthy digestion)
● Blood sugar balance and weight loss promotion (courtesy of the acetic acid, created by the fermented sugar in the apples)
● Energy booster (due to its amino acid, potassium, and enzyme content, it acts as a natural electrolyte solution and curbs the buildup of lactic acid)
● Clears congestion (the potassium and acetic acid can thin mucus to help clear your sinuses)

What is your shipping policy? Do you ship internationally?

Please allow 3-5 days for handling. Currently, we only ship in the continental United States. This will hopefully change soon, so please check back with us.

What is your return policy?

If product is damaged, please reach out to us within 2-days of receiving your order. We will orchestrate a refund.

Where can I find you locally?

We currently sell direct-to-consumer so we are not sold at local shops. You can find us at various Boston-area farmers markets throughout the year. Check out the Events tab on our site and follow us on Instagram for the most up-to-date info.

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